Give Your Shoulders a Rest

Before we dive into the benefits of self-care, let’s get real about some of the reasons that you DON’T take care of yourself. You say “I’m too busy for self-care” You think “I can’t afford to do that.” “I don’t want to be selfish. “I don’t need all that self-care stuff.” “You don’t know what … Continue reading “Give Your Shoulders a Rest”

Take 5 – Mindful Breathing

I’ll bet you didn’t know that we tend to hold our breath when we are stressed? Did you know that chronic breath holding is a thing? Chances are that you’ve never thought about it. Our bodies have systems in place to make breathing automatic. You’re not supposed to think about. It’s be design. Our body will naturally … Continue reading “Take 5 – Mindful Breathing”

How Not Letting Go Destroys Self-Esteem

We’ve all been there…It didn’t work out and we really wanted it to. You know, that relationship with that person you thought might be the ever elusive “one.” At some point the healthy disappointment and natural reaction to loss becomes something more sinister. It becomes a time suck, a never ending story of overthinking. Eventually … Continue reading “How Not Letting Go Destroys Self-Esteem”

Online Counseling Rejected Me

Why Wasn’t Therapy Online an Option?  Recently I came across a Reddit thread where an individual was outraged that they had been rejected (their word, not mine) by a popular online counseling provider. Naturally, many of the comments were of shock and bewilderment. As I skimmed the comments I was disheartened as I understood the … Continue reading “Online Counseling Rejected Me”

Are you an impostor? How to resolve Impostor Syndrome

What does it mean to be an impostor? The Webster definition “is a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.” If you know me, you know I believe understanding of our personal definitions is important. If you read this definition would you consider yourself to be … Continue reading “Are you an impostor? How to resolve Impostor Syndrome”

Looking for a Therpist? 5 Tips to Emotional Relief

So you’re looking therapist. Now that you’ve decided to begin your greatest life’s work, you must locate a trained professional to guide you. Although an extremely cathartic process, getting started with counseling can be nerve wrecking. Locating a therapist that you connect with and trust with your most classified thoughts requires research and patience. Whether … Continue reading “Looking for a Therpist? 5 Tips to Emotional Relief”

If you see a problem….do something about it!

I just finished mowing my lawn just days shy of December 1st. Yep, you read that correctly…mowing the lawn in November. I do believe that this is a first for me and admit that it seemed odd. Normally the last mow of the year is around early October just as the leaves begin to turn. … Continue reading “If you see a problem….do something about it!”

How to Break Procrastination

Procrastination can be paralyzing and frustrating. “Why am I doing this to myself? I know I just have to do it later.” Your thoughts will determine the outcome. Here are a few simple tips to start your journey to relief.           – Rayvéne Whatley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master … Continue reading “How to Break Procrastination”

Therapy Isn’t Cheap…

Let’s face it. Therapy isn’t cheap, nor should it be. You’re not just spilling your guts to friend or venting to a coworker. You’re asking a trained professional to assist you in dissecting a concern and determine the next best step. Therapy is YOUR opportunity to completely release in a safe and secure environment. It’s … Continue reading “Therapy Isn’t Cheap…”

Does Your Relationship Need a Checkup?

Partners need to be friends for the relationship to excel. Ever question how healthy your relationship is? Have you let life come between you? Not surprising. It’s so easy to do. Work and kids are generally the biggest distractions. I know what your’e thinking..”We talk all the time.” or “We see each other everyday.” but … Continue reading “Does Your Relationship Need a Checkup?”