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Marital and PreMarital Counseling


Want an unbiased assessment of your relationship's areas of strength and growth?  PREPARE/ENRICH provides just that. Complete a heavily researched questionnaire to gain reliable and objective insight into your philosophy as a couple.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a premier relationship assessment shown to improve relationship dynamics. It is designed to assist couples and romantic partners in exploring various components of their relationship. Research indicates that simply participating in the program initiates a significant increase in couple communication and satisfaction. The complete program entails an introductory session and completion of a standardized inventory followed by 6-10 skill-building follow up sessions. Follow up discussions include topics of conflict resolution, money management, communication, and spiritual beliefs.

The program is effective for both married and unmarried couples or partnerships. 


Relationships are work! The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and follow up sessions help to organize and focus that work. Often couples become fixated on issues that are minimal in the grand scheme of the relationship. By engaging in this program couples can avoid allowing minor nuisances to ruin their relationship. 

  • Gain insight into your relationship dynamics
  • Increase awareness
  • Decrease the possibility of divorce by 30%*
  • Enhance relationship skills

The inventory uses 30 Customized Scales including 12 Relationship Scales, 5 SCOPE Personality Scales, 4 Couple and Family, and 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales.

Note: The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment must not be used to determine the future of a relationship. The inventory captures a snapshot of the relationship at the time it is taken. As a result of the assessment, partners can determine whether or not more extensive relationship counseling or couples counseling is necessary.
Are follow up sessions required?

Yes! The assessment alone is useless to you. Follow up sessions involve strategic discussions of your results to elicit further insight and relationship health. Partners must commit to a minimum of 6 follow up sessions before receiving assessment access. 

What determines the number of follow up sessions?

The short answer is: Your Relationship. Six sessions is the minimum required to complete all materials associated with the PREPARE/ENRICH program content. A recommendation of more than six sessions is NOT a negative valuation of your relationship, it is simply a recommendation to allow you more time to deeply discuss certain growth areas. Additional sessions are also appropriate or couples who desire time for individual attention and/or some specific work in a certain areas.

As a licensed professional counselor I am trained to assist partners with counseling needs as they arise during the program. Thus, by completing the program with me you will receive more therapeutic interventions than non-licensed facilitators can provide.

What is the investment?

The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment requires a one-time fee of $35 to gain access to the inventory. This fee is paid directly to the developers. Partners then choose to attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions for 60 minutes each. The investment for each session is $160. Sessions are also available as a package at a discounted rate.

The program is also offered as two 4-hour intensive sessions. The investment for intensive sessions is $650 per intensive including deposit or a one time payment of $1200 if paid in full. Note: Pricing is based on the standard 7 session program. Additional sessions may be recommended to accommodate you specific circumstances.

Prepare/Enrich services are are also provided by select interns at the reduced rate of $70 per session.


Upon review of all program materials, couples are issued a
Certificate of Completion that can be used toward a discount toward your marriage license.

* According to research conducted by PREPARE/ENRICH