Relationship Counseling in Atlanta, Georgia

Image of a mother and daughter hugging show how strong your family can be with relationship counseling in Atlanta. If you are ready to address your relationship problems our Atlanta relationship counselor can help. Relationship therapy is not just for romantic partners.

Looking to improve communication skills?

Seeking balance, redirection, or meaningful connection?

Just as your feelings about yourself shape your perceptions. Your relationship confidence can also affect your worldview. If you feel overwhelmed in your relationships you will become overwhelmed in other areas. It can be difficult to find a healthy balance between caring for themselves and one another.

Healthy relationships are filled with trust, respect, concern, and, most importantly, understanding. They require our attention. Most conflicts can be defused through improved insight and communication skills. Improve communication and lets rid ourselves of assumptions and ask the tough questions. Sometimes the answers will completely surprise you.

What is Relationship Counseling?

Relationship counseling is a safe space for two or more persons to discuss differences and explore needs while learning more effective communication skills. It generally takes place in pairs but can extended to complete familial units. is often sought when relationship distress is beginning to interfere with a couple's daily functioning. Counseling is designed to foster communication in a safe and neutral environment where all parties may freely express feelings and concerns as necessary. 

​The core of relationship counseling is working through ambivalence. "I know I want to keep this relationship but I don't know how to move forward with how I feel today." These mixed feelings and contradictory ideas do not mean that you do not want the relationship. They demonstrate a battle between continuing through the storm versus protecting yourself. ​​

Themes of effective communication, forgiveness, trust, infidelity, and are often explored in relationship counseling. Sessions often challenge value systems and perceptions to promote understanding and compassion. 

Image of two african america woman leaning against each other showing that relationship therapy is for every typle of relationship. You can get closer to family, friends, & romantic partners with support of a Atlanta relationship counselor through relationship counseling.

For Individuals or as a Unit

Relationship counseling is for those who want to resolve relationship problems. Any relationship, romantic, parent-child, or friendship, can need a tune-up at some point.

Image of a young African American male Homosexual couple embracing after meeting with an Atlanta relationship counselor. Address communication and relationship problems during relationship counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Benefits of Relationship Therapy

- Increased Support
- Improved Communication
- Appropriate Boundary Setting 
- Common Goals
- Decreased Codependency

Image of a man hugging a woman and having a connect with less relationship problems thats to an Atlanta relationship counselor. You can have this kind of connection too with relationship counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Get empowered 

Relationship therapy is used to empower and strengthen. Build your faith in your relationships while learning conflict resolution skills and improving communication.

How do we stop fighting?

By exploring the patterns that cause stress in the relationship. We'll then use those patterns to identify deficits or needs in the relationship that can be improved to become strengths. Patterns may emerge during talk therapy, role plays, assessments, and from client reports. ​Counseling goals include learning how and when to take breaks from a situation, healthy self-expression, taking accountability, and avoiding blame. 

​Relationship counseling not only teaches you to defuse conflicts but to identify warning signs to aid in avoiding conflict.

Airing grievances and concerns in a neutral setting promotes comfort and understanding. Therefore, during relationship counseling, most start to remember what they ENJOY about the relationship. A relationship is a state of being connected and it is that connection that drives us to one another. When that emotional connection is lost the relationship dynamic shifts and changes. How you regard and behave towards those close to you is a reflection of your own self-worth and trust.

Is relationship counseling just for couples?

Relationship counseling is NOT just for couples. Every interaction that we is a form of relationship, some are just more significant than others. These meaningful associations may be with our parents, children, close friends, or anyone with whom we have experienced a strong emotional tie. ​

That is to say, relationship therapy may include family therapy, couples counseling, counseling with non-committed partners, premarital counseling, or marriage counseling. 

Start Having Empowering Connections With Relationship Counseling in Atlanta, GA

Do you want to start addressing relationship problems? Are you ready to have stronger communication with your friends, family, or partner? At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we can help you build empowering relationships through relationship counseling. Start meeting with one of our caring relationship counselors by following these simple steps:

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      3. Start enjoying empowering relationships 

Other Therapy Services We Offer in Atlanta, Georgia

Our dedicated counselors offer both in-person therapy at our Atlanta-based counseling practice and through online therapy. For individuals, we offer anxiety therapy, therapy for Black women, and therapy for Black men. As well as, marriage counseling and couples therapy.

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