Therapy for Black Women

Therapy for Black Women in Atlanta, GA
Helping Women of Color Reclaim Their Mental Health

Image of a woman in a yellow shirt smiling from getting support from black female therapy in Atlanta, GA. If you are looking for "black female therapists near me" we can help with therapy for women of color in Atlanta, GA.

You bear the unbearable and suffer in silence. You're exhausted from always helping those around you while never showing your weakness. At times you question your voice, soften your delivery, or hold your tongue to keep the peace. 

But you're done.
You're over it!

No more denying your authentic self.

It's your turn to be attentive to your needs.

Therapy Can Help You Redefine the Meaning of the Strong Black Woman

Let’s start by discussing the challenges we keep to ourselves, to embrace the truth behind our style and grace. It's time that being strong does not mean being everything. 

Image of an African-American woman during a session of therapy for women of color in Atlanta, GA. Get empowered by Black female therapists in Black female therapy in Atlanta, GA.

Redefining with a Black Female Therapist
will help you to:

      • Relieve the experience of anxiety or depression
      • Set clear and stable boundaries
      • Learn to free yourself from unwanted obligations.
      • Challenge the exhausting pressure and replace it with self-care.
      • Live in your truth and unapologetically be yourself.

Black Women are Tired of Struggling

Always being everything to everyone is exhausting. Yet you feel that you must. You take on the worries and problems of those around you because you can handle it better than they can. This responsibility to be all things to everyone limits your ability to disclose her own struggles. You hold yourself in because you don’t want to be a burden, perceived as weak, or judged. 

Because you neglect yourself you may feel:

      • Irritability or outbursts triggered by overwhelm
      • Negative beliefs or self-doubt
      • Expectations of self that seem impossible to accomplish
      • Avoidance of people of people or social events
      • A strong desire to get away or escape
Image of a woman of color covering her face. Showing the importance of getting support from black female therapy in Atlanta. If you want to empbrace your authentic self then therapy for women of color with a black female therapist in Atlanta, GA can help!

As a Black woman, you face both positive and negative stereotypes that result in expectations from others. Appearing to have it all together isn’t enough anymore, let’s make some changes.

Through Black Female Therapy, you can clarify which expectations you choose to live up to and which you chose to ignore.

Image of a woman wearing a shirt saying "goals dreams & melanin" which is similar to the empowerment that is given in black female therapy. Women of color therapy in Atlanta with black female therapists can help you embrace your identity, voice, & culture.

Our Team of Black Female Therapists in Atlanta Can Help You

Whether you’re African American, Caribbean, or African, our Black female therapists have knowledge of the unique experience of Black Women through both clinical training and lived experience. We can relate to the impact of racial identity on everyday stressors of family and career.

You don’t have to accept things as they’ve always been, you can:

      • Separate your wants from the expectations of others so that you can relax and release the need to control things.
      • Be more compassionate with yourself so that you don't beat yourself up for just being human.
      • Get a better understanding of yourself so that you no longer feel lost and overwhelmed.
      • Put down the cape and walk away from Superwoman Syndrome

At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we help black women trust their instincts and break free of cultural and social expectations. In therapy for women of color, we assist you in finding a healthy balance between caring for yourself and others. We use a combination of traditional therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in combination with non-traditional theories such as Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome to help Black women overcome the stress and anxiety associated with life.

With Black Female Therapy we are your support. It’s time to let go of overwhelm and resolve the trauma that is holding you back. Nothing gets to hold you back.

Are You Ready to Start Redefining Your Role As A Strong Black Woman With Black Female Therapy in Atlanta, GA?

Our team of Black female therapists in Atlanta is here to provide you support as you step into your role as a Strong Black Woman. We understand that you are tired of struggling and denying your authentic self. At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we are here to support and empower you. Follow these steps to get the support you need and deserve.

      1. Get in contact with us for a free consultation
      2. Schedule your first appointment with a Black Female Therapist
      3. Start feeling empowered 

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