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Support Group for Black Women

 You Don't Have to Be Everything to Everyone
A virtual space for Black Women to unapologetically be themselves.

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The silent struggle:

YOU OVERDO ITAlways being everything to everyone…even when you don’t want to. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done.
YOU DON’T SLEEPRegularly staying up late to finish tasks.
YOU HOLD YOUR TRUE SELF IN: You don’t want to be a burden, perceived as weak, or judged.
YOU CARRY NETWORK STRESSYou take on the worries and problems of those around you because you can handle it better than they can.

This pattern IS promoting anxiety and in your life.
It's time to release the overwhelm and exhaustion of being strong

Taboo Truths is an exclusive space for Black Women ages 25 to 45 to learn that they don't have to do it all to have it all. We meet in a judgment free zone for strong women who don't always want to be strong AND don't need to feel guilty about it. A sanctuary for sharing and understanding with the only people who could possibly get it, other Strong Black Women.

You Will Be Empowered To:

Do What is Necessary: Separate your wants from the expectations of others so that you can relax and release the need to control things.
Get Your Rest: Be more compassionate with yourself so that you can beat yourself up for not meeting goals in a “timely” manner.
Speak For Yourself (Fully): Obtain a better understanding of yourself so that you no longer feel lost and overwhelmed. 
Hold Others Accountable: Learn to be compassionate without being responsible so that you can support your family and friends without obligation to solve their problems.

Realize you’re doing enough…probably MORE than enough…
and Have the Audacity to be YOU

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Who: 8 amazing Black Women
When: Every other Tuesday - 6pm - 7pm EST 
Where: The comfort of your home (Group is virtual)
Investment: $40 per 60-minute group session

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Rayvene Whatley, LPC, CPCS | Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Meet Rayvene

I created Taboo Truths in 2018 after I noticed a trend in the Black women I worked with. A consistent story of acting out of obligation, preoccupation with the needs of others, and struggling to make self a priority. This coupled with a layer of self-censorship to avoid negative perceptions, rejection, and accusations of anger.

I understood; largely because I know all too well the pressure of being a professional Black woman. A daily struggle of coping with stress, anxiety, and depression we experience from the constant need to suppress our true selves. Graceful swans on the surface and fierce paddlers underneath. What’s worse is that we have not been told that there is ANOTHER WAY.

That said, empowering women to remove the mask of other people’s expectations and have the AUDACITY to be themselves has become my mission. Encouraging you to connect with your identity and ignore the noise of other’s opinions and expectations is my purpose.

Welcome to the discussion.



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