Therapy for Black Men

Therapy for Black Men in Atlanta, GA
Helping Black Men in Georgia Feel Heard

Image of a black man in a ball cap. Showing somone who could benefit from therapy for african american males in Atlanta, GA. With support of a black therapist in Atlanta you can start your healing journey.

You are the provider and the protector, and you are so much more.

There are many assumptions placed on Black men. Assumptions about your strength, your worth, and your masculinity. You’re expected to stand on your own two feet and support yourself without the help of others. Now the need to prove you can do what’s needed leads to isolation and sadness.

You likely weren’t taught or allowed to express your feelings. You've grown up knowing that you must show strength to survive or repeatedly being told to man up. You must protect you and yours so no one will take advantage of you.

The fact is you do feel. You do hurt. You do need to talk things out.

Talking With A Black Therapist Starts the Healing Process

Black men can benefit from counseling by having an outlet to speak about issues that affect them personally without feeling judged or emasculated. This release can be very helpful because it allows the opportunity for these men to think, express and bounce ideas off of a neutral party.

You get it on both sides. There is a belief in the Black community that talking to others about your problems is unnecessary or a sign of weakness. These assumptions are also upheld in misguided perceptions of manhood. Because of this, you've learned to keep it to yourself and handle the fight on your own, rather than reaching out to a Black therapist so that you can start the healing process.

Reason's Black Men Don't Ask for Help

Masculine norms - Expectations to act tough and to be in control of emotions at all times.
Racial barriers - Non-Black environments often dismiss or avoid conversations about race 
Apprehension on sharing - Difficulty sharing with a stranger, especially when your culture encourages you not to.

Distrust – Skepticism of a medical industry with a history of mistreatment and misdiagnosis dating back to slavery.
Discomfort with vulnerability – Belief that others won’t understand or others will use their words against them.
Therapy is for White people - Lacking exposure to the benefits of therapy and being shamed for seeking help.
Normalized Trauma – Becoming desensitized to distressing and disturbing experiences. 

Black men hold a lot of trauma and past negative experiences internally, and it impacts the quality of their lives.

Challenges such as childhood trauma often follow many of us into adulthood and when left unresolved, self-destruction is the outcome. Therapy for African American males provides a healthy outlet for your voice to be heard as you speak freely and unapologetically about the stress and challenges you have packed away.

Unfortunately, you’ve had to normalize circumstances that are not common such as the need to sit against the wall so that your back is always protected. Or your suppression of emotions so that you’re not viewed as weak.

Image of half of a black mans face looking pensive. This show the type of mental health straing that black men can be under but that black male therapists can help. Through therapy for african american males our black therapist in Atlanta can help you.

What they won’t tell you is that the man who is willing to ask for help is the strongest.

It's really ok for Black Men to:

      • be vulnerable
      • need and ask for help
      • talk about your feelings
      • not have all the answers

It's really OK to need support.

Benefits of Seeking Therapy for African American Males with a Black Therapist

      • No longer struggle alone
      • Build a supportive community that provides care and appropriate help
      • Reduce the chance of developing other mental problems like poor sleep, anxiety, or physical illness
      • Develop better-coping strategies and generally improve your wellbeing
      • Increase genuineness and reduce reliance on defense mechanisms

Therapy for African American Males supports you in improving communication and establishing meaningful connections with yourself and those around you.

Image of a smiling black man. Representing the benefits that can come from meeting with a black therapist in Atlanta. Get support from a black male therapist in therapy for African American males in Atlanta, GA.

Simplicity Psychotherapy is here to help you in your unique experience as a Black man.  Your mental health is important for yourself and all around you. Our goal is to help Black men challenge mental health stigmas in the African, African-American, and Caribbean communities so that they may heal from societal and generational traumas that influence present-day decisions.

Start Therapy For Black Men With A Black Therapist in Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to heal from generational and societal traumas? Want a place where you can express yourself and your ideas? Our Black therapists provide online therapy for African American males throughout Georgia or in person at our Atlanta office located just off I-75 one mile outside the perimeter. Get started by following these three steps:

      1. Reach out for a free consultation at Simplicity Psychotherapy
      2. Schedule your first appointment for therapy for African American males
      3. Start your healing journey with support and break the stigma

Other Counseling Services Our Black Therapists Offer In Atlanta, GA

Our Black therapists are here to support Black women and men and their relationships. With individual counseling, anxiety therapy, and depression therapy. While for relationships we offer premarital counseling and marriage counseling. As well as couples therapy and relationship counseling.

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