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About Evelyn (she/her/hers)​
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Letting Go is Scary
It creates stress and anxiety that no one wants to deal with.

Even the "good" changes make us uncomfortable simply because we don't exactly know what to expect. Fortunately, you can learn to handle the stress of change and we can do it gracefully.

I help you navigate that stress and anxiety that comes with new beginnings so that you can live the life you choose to live in the way that makes sense for you.

Let's call it out so we can Get you some relief.

I get it, it's time to do something different to get all of the things you desire. It all seems too overwhelming which causes you to overthink. Even if you prepare, the slightest shift in your daily routine can cause stress and anxiety. And since being hard on yourself is a habit, you blame yourself. Only recently have you realized how much that self-criticism isn't really motivating you the way you once thought. Now you realize it is causing self-doubt and you don't like it. 

What if you were able to trust your decisions and not overthink every angle?
What if making calculated adjustments in your daily routine can help reduce stress and anxiety?

With help, you can learn to navigate the challenges life throws your way and we will work together to help you live daily as the best version of yourself.


… you’ve been putting this off for some time.
… you feel like you have no other choice.
… you’re just ready to get to the next phase and have some difference in your life.
… you’re just tired of the repetitive cycle of sadness and uncertainty that you’ve been feeling.

Whether one of these or some other reason, the good news is that you caught yourself and recognize that it's time for a change. 

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Evelyn Towobola, a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor providing services to adults managing depression, anxiety, life transitions in workplace and school settings. My mission is to help you manage stressful situations by changing unhelpful self-talk to meaningful and helpful self-empowerment. I also help you alter any behaviors that you think are holding you back and enable you to live the life you always wanted.

In sessions we will focus on identifying and challenging the negative thoughts that leave you feeling down and worthless. We will challenge those thoughts so that you can decide what works and what doesn’t. Helping you to move in ways that promote inner peace and living a life well lived.

Come join me in a safe and non-judgmental space where I hope to assist you on your journey to experiencing healing and self-growth.

Evelyn is available for morning, afternoon, and evening individual therapy appointments. She provides reduced rate options rate of $130 - $200 per session. Self-pay clients only. 

Evelyn is licensed as an Associate Professional Counselor. She is providing services under the direction and supervision of Rayvene Whatley, LPC.

It's time for you to embrace the changes
and start living a healthy, quality life.

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