About Indira

About Indira (she/her/hers)​
In-Person and Online Therapy Sessions 

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Therapy for individuals and couples

Does it seem like you take a step back every time you make the slightest amount of progress?

Maybe you're feeling the weight of life's expectations is crushing you.

Juggling your daily responsibilities and expectations is beginning to take a toll. But having a place to heal, reset, exhale, process…wait, does a place like that really exist? Of course, it does, and I'm glad you've arrived.

Your Safe Space Awaits!

It’s Time To Show Up For Yourself

As quickly as time moves, we often forget that the one that needs the most care and attention is ourselves. Being vulnerable can be challenging, and removing all the walls you've put up to hide from the hurt is just as intimidating. The therapy space is completely judgment-free, so you can let loose and work through the hurt and traumas that pick at your brain daily. You deserve to have a space you can step into and breathe without feeling burdened by thoughts weighing heavily on your mind. I understand how truly exhausting it can become, and you have the right to take your spark back and start living life again.

We'll focus on your strengths so that you are able to

      • Feel more grounded in being your authentic self
      • Feel confident when you are facing challenging situations or emotions by learning different coping skills that fits your needs
      • Build on what makes you happy, while you form healthy connections with others
      • Take the time to explore what you want from life and how to reach those goals

Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Indira Thomasson, a Associate Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor who advocates for self-ignited love. I am genuinely passionate about listening and establishing a link to all walks of life. During our sessions, I’ll create a safe space to help you feel the most at ease with unpacking unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.

Areas of Experience


Together we can work on turning negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Explore the different ways you can begin your first steps and continue flourishing in your current life. We will also work on building skills to keep you grounded when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Change can get messy, but that’s why I’m here to help you stay motivated, focused, and striving toward wellness. I can understand how specific changes trigger stress and anxiety. I have been through major life changes myself, like becoming a mother, starting a new career, and moving to a new country. Although scary, I know you can challenge the negative self-talk that causes doubt and hinders your progress.

Together we will build a space of trust while figuring out how to take the first steps toward your desired life and the positive changes you would like to create for yourself.

How I Work

I offer an eclectic therapeutic approach that provides a person-centered, present-focused environment to assist you in developing personal coping strategies, values, and skills to help you confront current challenges.

My top values are honesty, positive regard, and laughter. I believe healing begins with honesty and being our true authentic self. I understand that this can be a hard step at times, therefore my next value comes in place: unconditional positive regard. And in the mix of experiencing those two values I think it is important to laugh as well, because laughter is medicine for the soul. 

Let the healing work begin...
Schedule a Consultation with Indira to Get Started

Indira is available for morning, afternoon, and evening individual therapy appointments. She provides individual services at a reduced self-pay rate of $130 - $200 per 50 minute session. You may meet with Indira in-person as well as online. Indira's services are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. She is under the direction and supervision of Rayvene Whatley, LPC.

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