About Sean

About Sean (he/him/his)​
In-Person and Online Therapy Sessions 

Therapy for individuals and couples

You’re constantly doing your best to care for everyone else.

But, what about you?


It's easy to lose sight of yourself in the midst of life's demands, leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, or even lost.

I understand how tough life can be. You’re caught in an endless cycle of responsibilities and chaos. You know there are things you need to work on, but finding the time or even knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. You keep pushing forward, hoping for a moment to breathe, but that moment never seems to come. That's where I come in.

We’ll decrease the frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion that comes with doing all the things. By exploring your feelings and understanding your unique situation, we can work together to create a sense of balance. We'll delve into what's truly important to you, prioritize your well-being, and develop strategies that foster emotional and mental health.

Recognize your power over life and work through tough feelings of current and future challenges.

Addressing Specific Issues

I can help you tackle a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

      • Depression: Understanding the root causes and developing strategies to manage and alleviate symptoms.
      • Anxiety: Identifying triggers and learning techniques to cope with and reduce anxiety.
      • Trauma: Processing past traumas and finding ways to heal and move forward.
      • Life Transitions: Navigating major life changes, whether it's a new job, a relationship change, or any significant shift in your life.
      • Relationship Issues: Improving communication, setting boundaries, and fostering healthier relationships.
      • Self-Esteem and Self-Worth: Building a positive self-image and recognizing your inherent value.
      • Stress Management: Developing effective strategies to manage daily stressors and prevent burnout.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Sean Subulade, a mental health counselor in training at Mercer University. I specialize in helping Black men, from young adults to older adults, who are dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. My goal is to help you find meaning in your life, manage stress, and embrace your truths. I want to help you find the power in your story and develop meaning in your life while also helping you manage stressful situations that arise and making room for positive self-talk and self-empowerment.

Areas of Experience


How Narrative and Psychodynamic Approaches Can Help You Thrive

In our sessions, we’ll use the Narrative approach to explore the stories you tell yourself about your life, relationships, and challenges. By putting these stories under a magnifying glass, we can reframe them, giving you new insights and perspectives. Additionally, with the Psychodynamic method, we’ll analyze any behaviors that may be hindering your growth and explore how your past experiences, childhood and beyond, might be impacting your present. Together we will work to help you become the best version of yourself with limitless potential and able to grip the stars themselves.

Let the healing work begin...
Schedule a Consultation with Sean to Get Started

Sean is available for evening and weekend individual therapy appointments. He provides individual services at a reduced self-pay rate of $50 per 50 minute session. You may meet with Sean in-person as well as online. Sean's services are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. He is under the direction and supervision of Rayvene Whatley, LPC.

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