Self -Empowerment and Anxiety Therapy 

Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

​​​Collaborate with a therapist to make life changing decisions. We focus on improving how you relate to yourself as a tool to improve your experience. Individual therapy is focused on how your thought process influences your experience.

Couples Therapy

​Couples therapy is used to empower and strengthen relationships by restoring trust, respect and appreciation. for one another. 

PREPARE/ENRICH Premartital and Marriage Counseling available.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling helps you and your partner explore communication and problem solving strategies used manage conflict as well as celebrate the strengths of your relationship. The PREPRE/ENRICH assessment is used to help increase relationship satisfaction

Online Therapy

Difficulty getting to therapy appointments? If you travel for work, are unable to leave the children, are injured or unable to drive, just hate traffic *raises hand*, can’t get out of the office, or just don’t want to go to another office visit. Telehealth is available to accommodate your lifestyle.


Taboo Truths Women's Group

A safe space for Black women to explore their truths and discuss uncomfortable topics without judgment and shame. Explore the possibilities of not being everything to everyone and take care of yourself without feeling guilty.

A group where functioning anxious black women learn to do it scared. Being natural worrier or overthinker while also managing the labels of Strong Black Woman or the Angry Black woman is heavy.

Assessment Services

Mental Health Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations to assess severity and evaluate potential consequences of mental health disorders. Treatment recommendations and referrals are provided to clients upon completion of assessment. 

Professional Services

Clinical Supervision

LPC supervision for license eligible and APC licensed counselors. Gain insight from CPCS with specific training in anxiety, postpartum, and multicultural issues particularly in the LGBT and African American communities. Emphasis is placed on evaluation of workplace stressors, individual differences and theoretical orientations while exploring how each of these characteristics show up in therapy sessions.

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