About Rendell

About Rendell (he/him/his)​
In-Person and Online Therapy Sessions 

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You're looking for a safe space to open up. I want to help you see your story more clearly so you can thrive in the future. Telling your story will help you gain power over the parts of your life you're uncomfortable with while also allowing you to share the parts you're proud of with joy. You'll also face your less-shining moments with courage. This will lead to a healthier outlook on your future.

Depression, anxiety, shame, & guilt all keep us in boxes & from being our best selves. You can't control the future, nor can you live regretting the past. And when we are too concerned with the future or the past, we hide those parts of your story.

Ready to leave you box?

Ways Not Sharing Your Story Affects You

Sharing your truth isn't always easy, but with the right assistance, speaking life into your experiences, and learning to cope with discomfort you'll come to embrace the power of vulnerability.

Hiding your story:

      • Allows you to blame yourself for all the wrong in your life
      • Causes you to unwittingly hide your strengths and gifts
      • Leads to fear of situations that remind you of past failures
      • Limits the parts of you and your life you share thus limiting your connection with others
      • Pushes you to become defensive, overly passive, or resort to people-pleasing to cope

I've been there; being vulnerable and sharing your story is intimidating, but I want to hear your story, help you see yourself, and be a part of your journey to wholeness. Together we'll unlock the power of vulnerability so that you'll learn how becoming more comfortable with vulnerability helps you make better decisions and build healthier relationships.

Talking About Your Concerns is Self-Care

Beginning the healing journey builds a stronger connection to the world around you. When you address your issues, you understand that the problems of the past are in the past, and you feel less threatened in the moment. Learning to release pain, shame, or bitterness allows you to approach issues in the future with hope, resolve, and wisdom. Through therapy, you can release intrusive thoughts that keep you from living in the moment and increase your ability to find yourself and what you value in life.

We all need a safe space to unpack our experiences and put them in a better perspective so that we can thrive in life. In this safe space, the door is opened to being and loving our true selves. "Unpacking the ugly" in session will reflect in your day today actions because you'll know yourself more intimately. 


      • be more resilient in remembering your past
      • build personal strength to keep on the journey
      • be more hopeful of your future
      • deeper, more fulfilling relationships
      • be more comfortable with people complimenting and pouring into you

Growing in this way is invaluable because you're not doing life alone; you need others, and they need you and all you have to offer the world. The strength you gain in recalling your past without shame is also instrumental. You'll have the perspective, "I've overcome in the past; I can do it again."


Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Rendell Johnson, a mental health counselor in training currently attending Mercer University. I help those who struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and career counseling, particularly for Black men and trauma survivors. I'm a proponent of the Existential approach – exploring the meaning of life's experiences and being intentional about the lives we want to live and the decisions we make to get there. I also address how childhood experiences influence adulthood using the psychodynamic method.

Areas of Experience

It's time to tell you story...
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Rendell is available for evening and weekend individual therapy appointments. He provides individual services at a reduced self-pay rate of $50 per session. You may meet with Rendell in-person as well as online. Rendell's services are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. He is under the direction and supervision of Rayvene Whatley, LPC.

Rendell provides sliding scale therapy options as a participant in the Counselor Intern Program.
Learn more about the program here.

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