Online Therapy

Online Therapy in Georgia

Image of a woman standing in her kitchen on her laptop talking to an online therapist in Georgia for online counseling. With online therapy in Altana you can get support for your anxiety and depression without leaving your home.

Having a hard time breaking away to have a therapy session?

You desire change but have a demanding schedule. So demanding that it is difficult to travel to a weekly office appointment. You really want to put yourself first, but realistically know that a 50-minute session easily becomes a 2-hour commitment with Atlanta traffic. You don't have time to sit in an office and talk about the things that bother you.

Or worse, you’re 3-hours away in South Georgia near Albany City where there are few options for therapists let alone Black therapists. You’re discouraged because options are limited and you don’t want everyone in your business.

What if we told you that your life doesn’t have to interfere with your ability to take care of yourself?

With online counseling, you can have your therapy session
wherever you are in Georgia.

Image of an African-American man smiling during an online therapy session from a cafe in Georgia. With online counseling, you can meet with an online therapist from a cafe, at work, or at home.

Meeting with your online therapist via video without leaving your home or office changes the game. With online counseling, it’s easier than ever to fit sessions into your busy schedule.

What is Online Therapy

Online therapy allows you to connect with mental health services using the internet and communication platforms. There are different types of remote therapy, such as chat or phone therapy. However, video conferencing is most commonly used. At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we meet with clients virtually using a HIPAA secure video platform. Our Atlanta-based online therapists specialize in various areas such as anxiety, workplace stress, and relationship issues.

What can I talk about in Online Counseling?

Simply said:

Virtually everything you can accomplish in the therapist’s office* can be accomplished through online counseling.

Online therapy has been shown to have the same effectiveness as in-person therapy. Studies found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) provided online to be just as effective as CBT provided in person when treating depression and anxiety. Online counseling has been shown to reduce symptoms of trauma including PTSD. Not only was the therapy successful, but clients also reported feeling connected and satisfied with the experience of therapy online.

Image of an African-American woman sitting on her couch for an online therapy session in Atlanta, GA. You can connect with an online therapist in Georgia just as effectively as meeting with a counselor in person.

Online therapy is for you if you:

      • Have little free time and are looking for flexible meeting options
      • Work from home and do not want or cannot go out for therapy
      • Have physical difficulties, phobias, irregular transportations, or other limits to a regular office visit
      • Between living in Douglasville and working in Midtown there's already enough driving in your life

Also called telehealth or telemedicine, online counseling sessions may be used to discuss stress management, burnout, goal setting, action planning, family problems, anxiety, depression, overall wellness and more. 

Online therapy sessions involve a process similar to in-office sessions while allowing for connection between you and your therapist. Sessions are at intervals established by you and your online therapist using the same therapeutic approaches offered in the office. If possible, you can also meet in person from time to time.

Get up close & personal so you can feel better without leaving your home by starting online therapy in Georgia. 

Are you ready to give online therapy services a try? At our Atlanta, GA-based therapy practice we are here to support you whether you are located near our office or anywhere else within Georgia. Get started with one of our understanding online therapists by following these steps:

  1. Schedule a free consultation at Simplicity Psychotherapy
  2. Make your first appointment with a caring and understanding Atlanta anxiety therapist
  3. Learn how to understand and manage your anxiety and worry

The Counseling Services We Offer at Simplicity Psychotherapy in Atlanta, GA

Our caring online therapists offer a variety of mental health services in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. For individual therapy, we offer anxiety therapy, therapy for Black women, and therapy for Black men. As well as, grief counseling, and depression therapy. In addition to relationship therapy, marriage counseling, and couples therapy. We look forward to supporting you so that you can start living the best version of your life.

** Please note that there are some instances in which therapy counseling may not be appropriate to your situation. Visit the following blog on Online Counseling for more information.

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