Evaluation and Assessment

Court Ordered Assessment

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Court ordered assessments are often sought for compliance with a court ordered evaluations or upon the recommendation of an attorney prior to court appearance. An evaluation consists of a face-to-face assessment during which information is collected about past and current charges and other personal history through a verbal interview and various written tests. Client must be prepared to answer questions regarding family history, employment history, mental health counseling history, use history, and medical history, including current prescription names, dosages, prescribing doctor’s name, address and phone number.

A personal interview with the client, family members, and other invested parties, along with administration of appropriate assessment instruments can often enhance the accuracy of assessments. The evaluator will make recommendations for any appropriate treatment or other resources which could be helpful in preventing future occurrences. 

A written report is provided within a week of assessment and, with your written permission, may be forwarded it to anyone of your choosing – which is usually an attorney or probation officer.  The written report is included in the assessment fee. Additional documentation requiring additional preparation time will be assessed appropriate fees accordingly. All other services that may be required for court ordered assessments, including but not limited to additional assessments, drug screens, or court appearances, are separate services charged as additional fees. 

In many cases, extensive medical records may need to be reviewed or interviews will need to be conducted with people other than the client. Client will be informed of the need for records review or additional interviews at the time of assessment. Such activities are billed at an additional rate of $175 per hour. Unfortunately, prior notification of additional fees is not possible prior to completing the live assessment due to variability in case complexity and 3rd party responsiveness.

SA Assessments, Mental Health Evaluations, and Anger Management Evaluations are all conducted by the Licensed Professional Counselor with specialized training and certification.

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