Individual Therapy

explore who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.

Give Shoulders a Rest

Ever said?
"I have to mask who I am."
"Things aren't always as bad as I perceive them to be."
"I need a better handle on my thoughts."
"It's hard to admit I don't always have it together."
"I hide behind my accomplishments."
"I want to know how to experience myself as an individual without offending my family."

Ok. Maybe not those exact words, but something to that effect. Individual therapy also called psychotherapy or counseling provides you with the guidance and support you need to reach your goals. After all that is what you need right now, SUPPORT.

Starting therapy can be a scary and uncomfortable process, yet the VALUE of the process outweighs your fears and reservations ten fold. You will gain perspective on your behavior, emotional reactions, and relationships. Counseling helps you to express your feelings and to recognize the behaviors and thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck.

We work together to get you back on track. This is how to get to Be Your Best You!

Ready to Be yourself regardless of who others think you are or should be?

What will we talk about?

Forgiveness? Maybe you hold grudges. Learn to forgive others without them changing their behavior.
Acceptance? You need to deal with what is here and now while working towards the future.
Perspective? What makes you see things the way you do?  Explore how your values play out in your relationships.You never find yourself until you face the truth. -Pearl Bailey
We celebrate wins here. There's no shame in your success. So why do you downplay your abilities? What makes you feel guilty for being you?
Guilt? Speaking of guilt, Needing to forgive yourself is a thing too. You can change your past but you can effect your future.

Trust? Maybe you built walls to protect yourself. They worked for a while, but now they are getting in the way.
Triggers? "Why do I let his/her behavior bother me?" Let's work on not getting wrapped up in other people's stuff.
Confidence? You are awesome! But you don't always believe that you are. Let's see you shine...YOUR way.
Inadequacy? Is it difficult for you to internalize accomplishments? Its called imposter syndrome.  We can work on the too.

Confidence changes everything. Your level of self-confidence shapes your perception of others and the world around us. That perception dictates your beliefs and how you feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself more positive your world becomes. Colors are brighter and smells are more robust. I want you to understand who you currently are and the person you would like to become. With this knowledge and self-acceptance the possibilities triple in size.


Stop pretending and Reveal Your Best Self.

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