Stop Pretending to be OK 
and Be true To Yourself


     You're Frustrated. You're Dissatisfied.  

​You just feel stuck!

...and nothing you've tried seems to be working. Somewhere along the line you lost your mojo. You work hard but it never seems to be enough. There's always more to do or someone else who needs you therefore your job is never done.
You wonder: "When will it be my turn?"

It's time that you release yourself from the expectations of others and have the AUDACITY to be yourself

So you want to know how to get unstuck, right?
* Unpack and reevaluate beliefs.
* Embrace perceived weaknesses
* Choose when to be involved rather than being obligated
* Reevaluate procrastinating and comparing yourself to others
* Realize it’s OK to accept all of the parts of ourselves.

I know what you’re thinking “Yeah, easy for you to say.”
I know it sounds simplistic but this is the goal: To simplify and get on with your life. 

It’s hard to break through what everyone else wants and focus on the best option. That’s why you have us.

To help you own your self-worth by embracing your thoughts and opinions. Feel empowered by showing others your true self. At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we deal with life challenges such as stress, anxiety, and depression by encouraging you to connect with your real self while ignoring the noise of others opinions and expectations.

Therapy for Black Men in Atlanta

It's your turn to Have the Audacity to Be You