Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling in Atlanta

Image of a couple playfully cuddling on a bench. Representing the relationship that a black couples therapist can help you achieve. Black marriage counseling and black couples therapy in Atlanta is designed to help you enjoy time with your partner again.

It’s good when it’s good.
But the arguments in your relationship are more frequent and go unresolved.

You’re tired of getting loud, fussing, lack of understanding, or feeling dismissed and disconnected. You may even describe your relationship as exhausting, at times.

You’ve tried to sit down and talk about your relationship issues, but you or your partner feel the need to defend yourself during discussions. Maybe you or your partner always take offense or one of you shuts down when the conversation is hard. The problem is, you and your partner communicate differently, and it shows through even the smallest things.

But you want to communicate more effectively. So that you can learn how to cope with your emotions during stressful times within your relationship, agree or compromise better, and move forward in a like-minded relationship.

Do you really want to end the cycle of disagreement? Then it's time you think about how couples therapy or marriage counseling may aid you and your partner in finding a neutral ground and spark your chemistry back.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Can Help You

Our Atlanta couples therapists promote and encourage emotional safety in romantic relationships. Marriage counseling allows you to connect better with your spouse through the guidance of a trained professional who can provide you with the support you both need to live a healthier and happier love life.

Image of a couple sitting and watching TV together while laughing. Showing that by starting black couples counseling you can end that disconnect. The skills learned in black couples therapy in Atlanta, GA can make the time with your partner more like this.

Common Reasons for Relationship Stress

    • Consistent arguments
    • Poor listening and understanding
    • Unrealistic or unspoken expectations and standards
    • Low sexual spark and emotional distancing.
    • Withdrawing during argument
    • Insecurities with being taken for granted
    • Infidelity

In Black marriage counseling and couples therapy, we focus on building connections to strengthen the relationship. Most conflicts can be diffused through improved insight and communication skills.

Our Atlanta Black Couples Therapist Can Help You Resolve Conflict

Simplicity Psychotherapy provides couples counseling services to married, unmarried, and non-monogamous partners. Services are designed to help partners understand their differences, resolve certain difficult milestones in their marriage and learn to enjoy happiness, good communication, and romance with their partner.

Benefits of Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Here are some unique things you and your partner would benefit from by attending couples therapy together.

 Improve Communication
You will learn how to communicate your needs, worries, and expectations in your relationship in ways that reduce triggering conflicts or arguments. Proper communication creates less room for assumptions and more room for transparency which strengthens the respect and trust between you and your partner.

Discover Triggers and Hot Topics
Understanding triggers can help both of you to take responsibility for your actions and reactions in your relationship. Together you will be able to discover the root causes or things that lead to them during counseling and then get advice on how to cut them off or walk around it.

Mutual Understanding
Learn to build a strong commitment of heart, mind, and body with your partner. Mutual understanding will create opportunities for support rather than criticism while giving each of you leverage over negative emotions. Thus, helping you seek more effective ways of handling flaws and mistakes.

Mutual Acceptance
Learn to value your partner’s differences. Understand the need for flexibility and compromise in your marriage while remembering that everyone makes mistakes.

Restore Intimacy and Love
As you progress in marriage counseling and couples therapy, it becomes easy to initiate new relational patterns, thereby allowing you and your partner to grow closer and experience the love you once felt.

Restore Trust
The presence of trust helps create successful cooperation in your relationship. In turn, trust helps reduce anxiety, insecurities, and doubts about your partner.

Image of a couple facing each other and talking. This represents what effective communication looks like which is taught during black couples therapy and black marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Expected Outcomes of Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Knowing that couples can benefit from meeting with a professional black couples therapist, you might be wondering how these benefits apply to your life. Below are the potential outcomes of couples therapy:

    • You and your partner learn to put the problem in front of you instead of letting it come between you.
    • It will strengthen your compassion, empathy, and understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences allowing for more effective discussions and resolutions.
    • You will begin to hold each other accountable without shaming or blaming
    • You will be able to resolve conflicts in ways that will bring you closer
    • Changes can create stability in your relationship that will last a lifetime
    • Enjoy each other’s company again

Black couples counseling helps benefit both the individual and the unit. Through sessions, counselors help you to process your thoughts and emotions while teaching you how to best support one another.

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