Therapy for Strong Black Women

Therapy for Strong Black Women
Helping Black Women Reclaim their Mental Health

Therapy for the Strong Black Woman Helping Black Women Reclaim their Mental Health

What a wonderful compliment to be deemed a Strong Black Woman. To be respected for your tenacity, envied for your poise, and regarded for your responsibility. But if you know the truth,

The Strong Black Women is tired.

She bears the unbearable. She suffers in silence. She's exhausted from always helping those around her while never showing her weakness. At times she questions her voice, softens her delivery, or holds her tongue to keep the peace.  All the time, she is denying her authentic self.

You are a Strong Black Woman and You are Tired.

Redefine the Meaning of the Strong Black Woman

Let’s start by discussing the challenges we keep to ourselves, to embrace the truth of the Strong Black Woman. Its time that being strong does not mean being everything. 

 Redefining will help you to:

      • Relieve the anxiety or depression you experience
      • Set clear and stable boundaries
      • Learn to free yourself from unwanted obligations. 
      • Challenge the exhausting pressure and replace it with self-care.
      • Live in your truth and unapologetically be yourself.  

Always being everything to everyone is exhausting. Yet you feel that you must. You take on the worries and problems of those around you because you can handle it better than they can. Problem doing so you neglect yourself. You hold yourself in because you don’t want to be a burden, perceived as weak, or judged. 

Appearing to have it all together isn’t enough anymore, let’s make some changes:

      • Separate your wants from the expectations of others so that you can relax and release the need to control things.
      • Be more compassionate with yourself so that you don't beat yourself up for just being human.
      • Get a better understanding of yourself so that you no longer feel lost and overwhelmed.

As a Black woman, you face both positive and negative stereotypes that result in expectations from others. Through therapy you can clarify which expectations you choose to live up to and which you choose to ignore. You decide what you value and how to live in those values.

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