Substance Abuse Evaluation

Substance Abuse Assessment

You need a substance abuse assessment... here's what you need to know.

Substance Abuse Assessment and Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Smyrna GA

Clinical interview and subjective testing are both used as a means to determine a current risk state in accordance with American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria.

Substance abuse assessment, also called Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, determine the presence of a substance use disorder and any needs for further intervention or treatment. You may need an evaluation for compliance with a court case, probation requirements or by recommendation of your attorney prior to a court appearance. Substance abuse evaluations are comprehensive and assess your previous, current and future risk of substance abuse. 

Assessment results include your prognosis of relapse or continued use based upon ASAM criteria. recommendations for appropriate treatment or other resources which could be helpful in preventing future occurrences. Telehealth (video conference) appointments may be available.​ Eligibility for online appointments is determined on an individual basis at the discretion of the assessor. 

A Word of Caution!
Substance abuse evaluations are often viewed as punitive, however they can also be used as a tool to assist you. A properly conducted substance abuse assessment can confirm the presence of a substance use disorder. A proper evaluation can also dispute unfounded allegations of drug abuse or addiction. Which is a good thing. 

Across the internet you may find articles on how to beat a substance abuse evaluation or instructing that you don't tell the truth on a drug and alcohol evaluation. I hate to break it to you but an evaluation can not be beat with the "correct answers" because there are no correct answers for a drug evaluation. Try if you must but an experienced substance abuse counselor will see through the deception and reveal true intentions. Honestly, deceit will hurt you in the long run and may result in additional substance abuse treatment requirements.

The moral: If you need drug rehab it will be recommended and if you don't have an issue with substance use then it won't.
It's that simple.

​Rayvéne is certified as a Master Addiction Counselor with extensive experience in assessing and identifying substance abuse disorders.

Master Addiction Counselor in Smyrna GA for Substance Abuse Evaluations

What to expect

Upon scheduling you will be sent electronic questionnaires to be complete prior to beginning your assessment. Information from your questionnaires will be used to help focus the direction of your assessment.

Substance Abuse Assessments range between 60 to 90 minutes dependent upon the severity of your case. During this time you will participate in an one on one interview with a substance abuse counselor. Information will be gathered to create a picture of your lifestyle You must be prepared to answer questions regarding your family, employment, mental health, substance abuse, and medical history. As recommended by assessment guidelines created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) screening tools.

Drug screening may be available upon request for an additional fee. Please note that a drug screening may be requested by the evaluator at the time of assessment if deemed necessary for accurate results. 

Items to Bring to Evaluation Appointment

• State issued identification or birth certificate
• 7-year motor vehicle record (only for DUI’s and other vehicle related charges)
• Dates of all prior inpatient and outpatient treatments (if applicable)
• Written discharge summary from most recent admission (if applicable)
• Arrest documents including sentencing sheet, tickets, incident/police report, and probation papers.