Online Counseling

Online Counseling

You don't have time to think about the things that bother you.
Well at least that's the excuse you used to have. 

Have your counseling session wherever you are

Meeting with your therapist via video without leaving your home or office changes the game. Now its easier than ever to fit sessions into your busy schedule.

Whether you're unable to leave the children, are injured, unable to drive, hate traffic (this is me),
can’t get out of the office, or just don’t want to go to another office visit...

Online sessions are offered on a weekly basis or as a convenient option when your schedule interferes with your office visit.

What can I address in Online Counseling?

Simply said:
Virtually everything you can accomplish in the therapist’s office* can be accomplished online.

Online therapy has been shown to have the same effectiveness as in person therapy.

Also called teleheath or telemedicine, online sessions may be used to discuss stress management, burnout, goal setting, action planning, family problems, anxiety, depression, overall wellness and more. 

From a clinical perspective: Online therapy options squash your ability for excuses. I am accessible and you can reach me from home or office. I’ve even had a client complete a session in her car after leaving the gym. Now how’s that for convenience.

 Your professional life no longer interferes with your ability to truly take care of yourself.

Get up close and personal without leaving your home. 

** Please note that there are some instances in which online counseling may not be appropriate to your situation. Visit the following blog on Online Counseling for more information.