• UNDERSTANDING of the unique challenges of those who may risk decreased reputation due to stigma associated with seeking help.
  • CONFIDENTIAL diagnosis and treatment with no third-party invasion of your privacy. You have no need to disclose the nature of your services to insurance companies or employers. ​
  • ​PERSONALIZED and discrete services without judgment or agenda. Which means: Treatment for the person NOT a diagnosis.
  • FLEXIBLE meeting locations. Appointments may be held in home, in client office, in therapist's office, or another private place.  Yes you read correctly IN HOME THERAPY is an option. 

 Concierge therapy acknowledges that professionals face additional challenges in recovery and as a result have special needs.

​Concierge services are appropriate for healthcare, legal, and other professionals and has proven effective for attorneys, nurses, doctors, fellow therapists, engineers, etc.


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​​You desire change but have a demanding schedule. You work non-traditional hours or maybe your work requires frequent travel. Your professional life often interferes with your ability to truly take care of yourself. You don't time to process the things that bother you.  Well at least that's the excuse you used to have.

​Concierge therapy provides you flexible & convenient appointment appointment times with options for same day, weekend and evening appointments as available.  The concierge model is structured such that increased access to services is appropriate to your specific needs. There is no insurance company or managed care interference with your length of service.


Concierge Features and Benefits


One Set  Fee: Flexibility of 6 face to face or virtual counseling sessions per month Use as many or as few as you need.

  • Private access line to therapist
  • Self-schedule appointments using an online calendar
  • Clients can communicate by email, text message, and voicemail, including evenings and weekends
  • Provider response time is prompt, usually within 2 hours
  • Extended session times: Session length is based on the discussion, and session end times are estimates. Grace period offered should the extra time be needed.
  • Flexible appointment settings with telemedicine (video conference) services
  • Specific hours reserved for concierge client appointments
  • No waiting: All appointments start on time, so the client is never left waiting.

Concierge Therapy​​​​

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