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Substance Use Services Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Image of an African American woman drinking. Representing someone who could benefit from substance use treatment in Atlanta, GA. You do not have to abuse a substance to want to work with a substance abuse counselor in Atlanta.

You know what to say. It’s the standard, “I’ve had enough, I want to change my life, I know what to do, I just need to do it.” You come across as self-possessed and confident, but the thing is, you know you really need some help. And you need someone with as strong a personality as your own. You hate being challenged, but deep down you know you really need it, because usually, you are just able to bulldoze other people.

 All Substance Use is not Abuse

That's right. One can use a substance without that use qualifying as abusive or destructive.

Unfortunately, many avoid seeking help because they fear being labeled as an alcoholic or an abuser. Though treatable, problematic substance use continues to carry stigma and negative associations. Persons who may be struggling or have often delayed getting the assistance they need to avoid unwanted associations.

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the use of substances and their abuse are distinct from one another. Some substance use treatments will be similar depending on the individual’s circumstances and needs; however, the goals and outcomes of counseling and therapy are often very different. Working with trained substance abuse counselors who understand the difference allows for effective specialized care.

At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we have a team of trained Black therapists who believe you can overcome your struggles and become the best version of yourself just as you’ve always imagined. You CAN overcome many obstacles through understanding yourself and changing your thinking. 

Substance use doesn't need to be an option, there are other ways to cope.

Image of a Black man smoking while in a suit. Representing that substance use disorder treatment is for everyone not just those who abuse drugs and alcohol. Even families can benefit from meeting with a substance abuse counselor in Atlanta, GA.

What is substance use?

A substance use disorder (SUD) is present when consistent use of alcohol or illicit drugs creates difficulties in their home, school, or work lives. Disturbances may include difficulties in relationships, increased reckless behaviors, a decline in work performance, or other challenges in fulfilling daily responsibilities.

Physical or psychological increased symptoms of depression or anxiety, insomnia or other sleep disturbance, weight fluctuations, and decreased motivation to engage with activities or others.  Additionally, those with a SUD will frequently fail to meet major responsibilities in one or more areas of their life.

Substance abuse is the harmful use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol, over-the-counter medications, and illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. This continued use likely According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) 2020 statistics, 50% of Americans 12 years and older have used a mood-altering substance at least once. The most preferred substance was found to marijuana, followed by opioids and prescription medication.

Substance use can be particularly risky for those already dealing with other problems like stress or mental health challenges. Many turn to substances to cope emotionally.  When feeling pressured, sad, apprehensive, or overworked people may attempt to control their thoughts, emotions or feelings of discomfort by using alcohol and other substances. While a substance may provide temporary relief, continued use might have lasting negative consequences.

Physiological and psychological symptoms often present with continued use as substances have an effect on the body and the brain both immediately and over time. However, the casual users should also be weary, it only takes one use to experience life changing consequences.

Benefits of Substance Use Treatment

Receiving help through substance use disorder treatment provides:

      • Understanding and change of attitudes and behaviors related to substance use
      • Improved relationships with family and friends
      • Increased acceptance of yourself and your circumstances

Approaches for Substance Use Treatment

Substance addiction is a complex but treatable condition. However, very few people seek treatment. Treatment primarily involves behavioral counseling and medication, occurring in two program categories - outpatient and inpatient. At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we offer outpatient services and will support clients in entering inpatient services if determined to be the best course of action upon assessment. Our services assist milder forms of substance use, persons in active recovery, and the family members of those with substance use concerns.

Therapy Can Help You Overcome Substance Abuse

Counseling for substance use disorder treatment provides exploration that promotes understanding of the root causes of substance use. Counseling with Simplicity Psychotherapy helps you to become aware of triggers to using and learn constructive ways to manage stressors instead of turning to drugs, medication, or alcohol. Our substance abuse counselors empower you to find yourself through introspection, raising self-awareness and self-actualization. Increased understanding helps you find true healing from traumatic experiences that may have initiated the use of substances. You can then confront the underlying issues and avoid using substances to escape those uncomfortable feelings.

Through substance use treatment, you can find your purpose and focus on building the rich, full, and meaningful life you prefer by developing new habits and becoming intentional in improving your life.

Families and Substance Use

Therapy can also assist the family of a substance user to find healing and learn how to become a support system and accountability to the user.

Services are offered for the families of those who are actively using and recovery. Many neglect the fact that the user is not the only person trapped by the substance of choice. When the effected person struggles, the entire family struggles. When those effected are in recovery, the family is in recovery.

Image of an African America family of 3. Representing that substance use treatment is for the whole family since everyone is effected. No matter the degree of use family members can benefit from talking to a substance abuse counselor in Atlanta, GA.

Maintaining Sobriety

Success is largely dependent on engagement with follow-up care and a relapse prevention plan. Our trained substance abuse counselors assist you in developing a detailed action plan to help you maintain the stability that you have work hard to obtain. Utilizing medical and mental health resources during and after formal substance use treatment is recommended. Communities or family support networks for recovery are powerfully effective tools when incorporated into post-treatment care.

Start Substance Use Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to seek support for substance use? At Simplicity Psychotherapy, we are here to support you and your family through your recovery. In order to start working with a substance abuse counselor follow these steps:

  1. Reach out for a free consultation
  2. Schedule your first appointment for substance use treatment
  3. Start getting the support you need to maintain sobriety


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