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       LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor

                    Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social                                             Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists 

       NCC - National Certified Counselor

                    National Board of Certified Counselors  

      MAC - Master Addiction Counselor
                    National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors   

      ACS - Approved Clinical Supervisor
                    Center for Credentialing and Education   

      CPCS - Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor
                    Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia


Education and Training

I received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with
a Concentration in Pre-Medicine from Georgia State University. I then earned my Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Argosy University. My previous experience includes work with developmentally disabled and residential substance abuse facilities providing mental health and addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse
​I greatly enjoy helping effected persons and their families cope with their life circumstances. Certification as a Master Addiction Counselor allows me to use specialized training to educate others about addiction and process the effects of addiction in a non-judgmental environment. Extensive training in Substance abuse and other Addictive Diseases has afforded me knowledge of the origins of addiction, its manifestations, and more specifically how to effectively treat addictions.

I have completed a 5 month intensive training in
Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT) under the instruction of Dr. Michael Maslar. DBT is a cognitive behavioral treatment developed by Marsha Linehan to treat Borderline Personality Disorder which has since demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of a trauma and host of stress related disorders. In practice, DBT can be utilized to improve focus, decrease anxiety and stabilize mood and emotional understanding.

About Rayvene Whatley  LPC, MAC, CPCS, NCC, ACS


I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a believer in people.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor who specializes in the assessment and treatment of addiction, depression, and other life stressors.

My approach is highly individualized to meet your specific needs. Because individual experiences have a strong influence on human behavior and interaction, learning how one navigates the world is important. Differences are motivational and inspirational. 

​​Simplicity Psychotherapy provides professional counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples, and professionals seeking to improve their wellbeing. My mission is to help you take control of your life and develop appropriate responses to challenging situations.